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Injury Treatments

The Physiotherapists at our facility are certified to carry out evaluations and treatment for all the types of injuries including, Vehicular injury, Work-related injuries, and Sports Injuries.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicular accidents can result in many types of injuries. At our facility, our physiotherapists will discuss accidents and understand the disorders caused by it. Post the assessment, they diagnose the injuries and then work with you to develop a suitable treatment plan that will help you rehabilitate quickly and properly.

We also treat the most common vehicular injury that is whiplash. Whiplash normally occurs when the passengers in the vehicle are hit from behind. This collision causes the neck to jerk forward and backward. This injury is not realized immediately but after the accident, it may come up. It is recommended to get assessed by a physiotherapist on priority.


Work Related Injuries

WCB or Work-Related Injuries are generally caused by working cultures and environments that attract medical attention or treatment. These injuries can be a gradual escalation of a medical condition due to the nature of the job or an accident at the workplace.

We, as a reputed WCB provider, offer rehabilitation programs that help the patients to recover and return to their respective jobs at the earliest.

After discussing and understanding the causes of the injury, a thorough physical check-up is arranged to assess the condition. Our physiotherapists develop a medication program that suits the patient’s condition, working culture, and circumstances. The treatment plan includes physiotherapy, exercises, massage therapy, and suitable work training associated with the nature of job and duties. This helps the patients to recover quickly and enables them back to their respective work.


Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are kinds of injuries that take place during playing sports or doing exercises. The term sports injuries are commonly used to refer to injuries of the musculoskeletal system. We have rehabilitation programs to recover from such injuries.

There is a designated treatment plan with the help of physiotherapy that restores the ability to participate in the selected sport or activity.

Post assessment, our physiotherapists design regular exercise programs that are suitable to patients. This helps to recover them as soon as possible and get back to their chosen sports and activity.


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